Well, India has many qualities. First of all it’s a very huge country with many different languages, in fact 22 official ones and 122+ unofficial ones.
Each state and each region has its own culture activities, festivals and religions. It is a country with some of the richest people in the world, yet the majority lives in poverty.
India is famous for its wide variety of spices and in particular it’s spicy food. Each meal contains either rice or bread and is usually served with some kind of curry. The great thing about India is, that at least 25- 50% of its population is vegetarian, so you can be sure you will find vegetarian food at each corner, although it might differ depending on the state. Entering a vegetarian restaurant, doesn’t mean it’s all vegan, there are signs which say “pure vegetarian”, but still its recommended to check on any dairy ingredients like milk, crème, ghee, paneer, curd (yoghurt) and butter. It’s especially popular to poor some ghee over a finished curry, apart from the extra calories, it’s not necessary as all the Indian food is so flavorful anyways already.

As India is one of the oldest civilizations, it has plenty of history. Not only have they been invaded many times and each invading country brought its own specifications to the country, but also have the Indian boarders spread over times and so the food in especially the border areas have mixed up. Usually you will always find North Indian and South Indian food specification.
In each part of India you will find monuments of history, with the most famous to be named is the TajMahal in the city of Agra. There are plenty of tours on offer to visit the “Golden Triangle”.

India has much more to offer then only the TajMahal, each region has its own. India is also one of the biggest coffee producer. It’s incredible how much work goes in one cup of coffee!

The country can be very dirty, which is really alarming. The coffee hills are very clean and breath-taking.

India is overall a country which is worth a few visits in different parts of the country. Be aware that is can be really loud and really dirty in some areas. People are friendly and you will definitely discover many things.


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