Easy Vegan Foul (gluten- free, high protein and fiber)

Fava beans or broad beans are a very common stable in the Arab as well as African world since ancient times as it gives a great supply of protein, dietary fiber, potassium and much more! Fava beans are available as fresh produce only in spring and are commonly used as dried beans or canned ones. I always souk and boil my own beans and freeze them in small packs; in this way it is very easy to avoid canned ones. This is a easy vegan high protein breakfast and prepared in less then 15 min. 

Makes 2 servings


Fresh Ingredients:
1 small cucumber
Pickles of choice e.g. homemade sauerkraut
Mini Gherkins
1 organic garlic clove, diced

2 cups boiled small fava beans (canned or self cooked)
Olive Oil

Spices/ Herbs:
Salt, pepper, paprika, ginger

Tahini dressing:

Fresh Ingredients:
1 medium sized tomatoes sliced in small cubes
1-2 organic garlic cloves, diced

10 Tbsp. Tahini sauce
5 Tbsp. non-dairy milk
2 Tbsp. soy sauce

Spices/ Herbs:
Salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, coriander

How to do:

·         Heat up some olive oil in a pan, add first garlic, then the fava beans and spices and fry for around 5min till the beans are hot (main purpose is to just heat up the beans).
·         Mix all dressing ingredients together, add the hot beans and mix again.
·         Cut cucumber into sticks.
·         Place foul on one plate together with cucumbers, mini gherkins and homemade Sauerkraut.


You can add other condiments as well, especially pickles are going well with the creaminess of this dish; like turnips, olives, carrots as well as all kind of non pickled vegetables


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