Easy Vegan Garlic Antipasti

Those of you who love garlic but are always hesitant to eat it during the week will love this recipe! Roasted garlic antipasti is full of flavor but without the strong aftertaste due to the roasting process. It is obviously gluten free, vegan, paleo and keto friendly and can be used in so many ways! 


Fresh Ingredients:
3-4 full organic garlic heads (not from China) for a regular loaf baking tin (24cm x12cm x7cm)

Olive oil (cold pressed is best)

Himalayan salt
Black pepper

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How to do:

·         Preheat your oven to around 160°C upper and lower heat
·         Remove the dry skin from each garlic head leaving on only the last skin of each individual clove
·         Remove the centre stalk and cut off the tips of each clove using a knife. If the cloves are evenly arranged you can remove them with a long cut using a big kitchen knife, otherwise use a small knife and cut off each tip individually
·         Place all the heads into your baking pan, drizzle with good olive oil and season with salt and cracked pepper
·         Bake in the oven for about 30 min or until the cloves are soft
·         No need to cover the cloves, just have an eye on them for the last 10 min, if the desired color is achieved remove the upper heat and continue till all cloves are soft
·         Remove the baking tin and set to cool
·         Once the garlic is cooled down remove the single cloves using a small knife, place them in a glass jar, add some more salt and pepper if wanted and fill up with olive oil till all cloves are covered
·         Store in the fridge


Garlic antipasti is a perfect bread spread as they are easy to mash on a nice slice of Easy Vegan Bread. It is also a great topping for baked or steamed potatoes and mashed with avocado. It can be snacked with some cracker and a glass of wine or added to a fresh garden salad, the options are literally endless!

Step by step preparation:

Remove the dry skin and cut off the tips

Drizzle the garlic heads with olive oil and season with salt and pepper

Bake for about 30 min or till the cloves are soft

Remove the garlic cloves from their pockets and place in a glass jar 

cover with olive oil

Extra Tip:
Don’t bake single cloves this way as they are more likely to burn


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