The Seeds of Life

Name of your businesses:

-       The Seeds of Life Raw Food Cafe and Taoist Tonic Bar
-       Solthreads (organic bamboo men’s yoga clothing
-       Solfoodbali (packaged raw vegan foods)

Online store/ websites: (eCommerce store going live soon) (for the raw food academy & fasting training/program)

Physical store location: #2 Jl Tirta Tiwar Kutuh Kaja, Ubud Bali, Indonesia 80571

Telephone number with country code: +62 (0) 361970650

Email address:

What do you offer/ business categories?

-       100% raw vegan A la Carte menu & Taoist Tonic bar combining the ancient wisdom of the Chinese tonic herbs, the ancient system of Ayurveda and the Indonesian herbal system called Jamu
-       Raw Food Academy
-       Ascension Fasting training & detoxification programs
-       Organic Bamboo functional yoga clothing for men
-       Ashtanga yoga Mysore style yoga shala
-       Raw vegan snack food range and bamboo utensils and straws
-       Holographic Kinetics facilitator (14 years)

Meet Ben, the founder of The Seeds of Life Café, Soltheads and Solfood Bali

Why did you start the business?

To have fun & keeping it clear in spreading the message about the Raw & Vegan message. I felt that the message seems to get lost sometimes in translation. I have lived this lifestyle for 11 years and have integrated it into my life with ease. There are a lot of people wanting also to integrate with though have trouble finding the right information. Lots of people talking the talk but not walking the walk so well. To change our physiology overnight and to jump onto fully raw or even vegan is a very large shift for a lot of people. I have 2 training schools, the raw food & the fasting/detoxification. They go hand in hand and are the stepping stone to the wonderful life of living clean & clear. And Ubud Bali doesn't have anything like this at this level so it makes good business sense to do it here. Ubud really is the health & wellness capital of the world

What keeps you motivated?

Suffering. My own and seeing the suffering and disconnection in the world. I want to contribute where I can to a better world. Like so many of us, I’ve had my share of it. Through searching and learning I have found some simple keys that truly work, can be fun, fulfilling and non-violent creating a truly peaceful life.

What are your future plans?

Currently I am in the process of opening a fruitarian restaurant in Ubud. I have incredible ideas for a very exciting menu. Then once I have that up and running, opening another seeds of life in Bali and the Philippines. I just want to sprout seeds and share the love and bounty of Mother Nature’s glory in all her colour and vibrancy.

What is your message?

Get reconnected to our mother nature and plug back into the creative principal. Through our thoughts and limiting beliefs we have these delusions that we are out here all alone, separate from nature and creation itself & I have learnt that this is the seat of all suffering. Once we plug back in we can see clearly once again & take affirmative action. From here the healing process begins & is rapid.

Our courses always sell out well in advance – because we offer them at very good prices. Our vision is not to take advantage of people’s good will to get reconnected and to heal so we have fair prices across everything we do. Our September raw chef training has an early bird price of USD$2400 including accommodation.  

Upcoming Raw Food Chef Certification Training in Ubud, Bali 16.- 30. September 2019


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