The Snack Society

Name of your business: The Snack Society

Online and/ or physical store: Online

Location: Dubai, UAE

Email address:

What do you offer? Healthy/Vegan Snacks 

Meet Kamilla, founder of The Snack Society 

Why did you start the business? I have suffered from a long list of foods I am intolerant to and I found it so hard to find healthy treats, so I started making my own and started selling them. I gained social media presence and then I launched my own product and an e-commerce website.

What keeps you motivated? My goals. My objective is to grow The Snack Society to a full fledged business and hit the entire GCC market and eventually International. It’s very normal to lose focus and get de motivated but it always helps to keep your focus on your goals.

What are your future plans? To launch a cookbook and then another one right after, not only in the UAE but in the UK and USA. Also introduce more range of products to my e-commerce platform.

What is your message? Healthy eating is not complicated and you don’t have to deprive yourself from all the good treats. It is just smart eating and how you combine different ingredients to create tasty and nutritious treats.

Vegan Energy Balls, they are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free. Contains no eggs. All natural and organic ingredients. 

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