Wholesome Retreats

Name of your business: Wholesome Retreats

Online and/ or physical store: Retreats in serene locations across the world 

Location: International (Bali, Sri Lanka, Myanmar...)

What do you offer? We organize all inclusive retreats

Meet Assile, Co-founder of Wholesome Retreats and 
founder of Dubai Vegan Community

Why did you start the business? 

People always tell us that they are interested in starting their spiritual journey, but they are not sure where to begin. Meditation can be overwhelming, the variety of yoga classes offered at local studios is confusing, and we have all heard of detoxing but what exactly is it. The idea of Wholesome Retreats started when we realized that we can help people by guiding them on their first retreat. Our retreats are designed with beginners in mind and include an introduction to help curious souls kick start their inner journeys. Together we will travel in small intimate groups to beautiful remote locations amidst nature, we will learn about energy, breathing, movement, plant-based diets and juicing, and we will be guided by coaches, mentors, and nutritionists. 

Most importantly, we make sure that our group doesn’t just spend a great week and leave with merely memories of it, but that we also turn lives around by enabling them to go back home with a new level of spiritual awareness and valuable knowledge and learning that they can apply by themselves every day.

What keeps you motivated?

When I went on my first 10 day fasting retreat, I came back a changed person. I am happier, fitter, and constantly hungry to learn more and improve. Being able to give that experience back to people is my greatest motivation. Organizing retreats is hard work but knowing that in a short week we can change someone’s life is priceless. No matter what it takes, we will always strive to provide an exceptional experience, because our purpose is to leave this world better than we found it. It is why we exist, and impacting the lives of one individual at a time is how we will impact the world.  

What are your future plans?

At the moment, our focus is to ensure we continue to optimize and perfect the retreats we have planned in 2019. Our vision for the future is to establish our own retreat centres, which offer short and long term holistic healing programs for people across the globe.

What is your message? 

You have full control over your life. Sometimes we need a little push or a little sign to drive change (reading this article may be one), but once the universe gives us those signs it becomes completely up to us what we do with them. Embrace that uneasy feeling in your gut telling you to drive action and just take a leap of faith. Stay hungry for knowledge, and don’t miss an opportunity to focus on your mind, body and spirit, because you deserve to become the very best version of yourself. 

Use the code LarasVeganKitchen for a 10% discount on any retreat valid for bookings till Jan 1, 2020

Tell us about your other project: 

Dubai Vegan Community is a UAE based non-profit organization that focuses on local support and education. While a retreat drives change on a personal and spiritual level, DVC does so on a community level to give a chance for people to give back to society while they are also focusing on themselves.

It’s a 3 days vegan festival with a dinner on Wednesday and Thursday and a vegan brunch on Friday. Each day is 149Aed in the restaurant, but you can exclusively book it for 99AED on www.dubaivegancommunity.com
The brunch can be upgraded to an open house beverage package for 100AED extra.


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