Elly's Treats

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Name of your business: Elly’s Treats

Online and/ or physical store: It’s mainly online for cakes and I do sell my doughnuts in the coffee shop SunnyVille in JLT. We have usually limited quantity and flavours so ordering in advance trough below channels is best.

Location: Dubai – UAE

Email address: hello@ellystreats.com

Instagram: Elly'sTreats

What do you offer? I’m a pastry chef, I offer recipe development, workshops related to baking (mainly gluten free or vegan) and I also run food business – my speciality is the baked doughnuts. I have currently 13 different flavours, all are baked, gluten and dairy free, with vegan options and will be launching soon new vegan flavours.

Meet Elly, the founder of Elly’s Treats

Why did you start the business? 

I love desserts but I have a particular taste. I don’t like them too sweet and I have intolerance to certain type of food mainly; wheat, dairy, peanuts, cherries. Initially I started by baking for myself healthy muffins and doughnuts that are refined sugar free and have simple and clean ingredients and I found myself really enjoying baking and I enrolled in a one year professional pastry program and graduated a year ago. I was doing it part time along with my corporate job, so it took me a whole year to graduate and complete my exams.
Why I started my business… it is because I believe that plant-based diet helps us in living longer, healthier and happier. I am a big advocate of conscious and clean eating and want to promote that lifestyle and the fact that we do not have to sacrifice our desserts to be healthy. We can still enjoy the same treats but with better ingredients that are clean and good for our bodies. 

What keeps you motivated? 

I love baking! I really enjoy it and enjoy creating new recipes and finding healthy ways to replace traditional ingredients that are commonly used in desserts like heavy cream, butter, sugar… for example last week I made a vegan gluten free and refined sugar free cashew buttercream made of cashews as a base … without any vegan butter.. That made my week! So it keeps me motivated to continue creating new things and challenge myself.

What are your future plans? 

I’d love one day to own my coffee shop and small bakery by the beach!

What is your message?

A healthy diet is not about restricting ourselves from certain foods; it is about being mindful and conscious about what we eat. 

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