Senses Organic Beauty Lounge and Spa

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Name of your business: Senses Organic Beauty Lounge

Online and/ or physical store:  Both

Country: United Arab Emirates

Physical store location: Ras Al Khaimah

Telephone number with country code: +971 072 44 66 88

Email address:

What do you offer/ business categories? Organic skincare and organic hair care

 Meet the team of Senses Organic Beauty Lounge 

Why did you start the business?

We wanted to explore the world of organic beauty and impact thousands of ladies around our community who use beauty and spa products. As we started this thought process we realized that almost 80% of the ladies used products without thinking of its long term effect and impact - and we wanted to introduce
 them to the world of good - with organic skincare, hair care which is produced sustainably, having a overall positive effect on them.
We have sourced hard to find the right products and what more be-fitting than World Renowned Organic skincare line Eminence Organics to work with ! 
Our hair color is a certified organic hair color line  and our waxing product is a plant based product. 
We wish the awareness carries on and we will strive to make Going organic a continuous education process.

What keeps you motivated?

Seeing our guests coming back to us because of the quality of the product used, because they feel their skin feels different , the hair color doesn’t irritate their scalp and overall well being of our guests.

Outside view

What are your future plans?

We are still very young but - we plan to expand tog add more venues and introduce more holistic experiences.

What is your message?

Our message is “Go Organic & that is i
the way to go ! “ We believe what we eat makes us in the same way what we use for our skincare and body care make us as well “ So it is absolutely important to 
choose right.

Special offer for you?

Please join and enrol to become our member and enjoy 10% off our services. Memberships start from AED 397 with welcome kit value of AED 500 
Email us to enroll.

Inside view

Special packages 

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