Rootz Organics

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Name of your business: ROOTZ ORGANICS

Store type: Online Store with pop up stalls around Dubai

Local (which city/country) or international:  UAE

Physical store location/s: Farmers Market, Business Bay, Dubai

Instagram: rootzorganics17

Facebook: Rootz Organics

Telephone number: 00971501565177

Email address:

What do you offer? Handpicked Organic Groceries which have been thought through.

Meet Ashwini, the founder of Rootz Organics

Why did you start the business

I started this platform to promote holistic organic and sustainable living among communities and families. In addition to that I have always been passionate about giving back to the farmers who are backbone of economy and to give back to Mother Earth.

What keeps you motivated?

My love and concern for the overall wellbeing of communities, families especially children’s wellbeing, who are our future of next generation, keeps me motivated to spread the knowledge about food and its connection with the overall well-being.

Farmers Market, Dubai 

What are your future plans? 

To use my platform to spread awareness about adopting healthy holistic living via workshops, cooking classes. To also use this platform as a source for supporting various Farmer Groups, NGOs, Support groups across the world who are working closely with people in real need - be it education, food, shelter. I have already identified few groups and I am looking forward to supporting them soon.

What is your message?

Food is NOT A COMMODITY. Food is LIFE. Respect Food, Respect Farmer.

A product you would like to promote incl. short description:

I would like to promote MILLETS which have been superfoods in most of the countries for ages. However, they have not managed to get the deserved recognition. I have started to actively work with restaurants and chefs to introduce this grain in their menus. I have also started my own Instagram page ‘ashus food corner’ where I talk about various ways in which people can consume millets and its benefits. 

Do you have any other discount codes for the reader? 

– ‘invest@10’ – This code is encourage people to invest in their food and not to view food as an expense. 
Visit to avail.

Farmers Market, Dubai

Artisan Olives 

Healthy Cracker

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