Dope Kicks

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Name of your business:  DopeKicks

What do you offer?  Sneakersà The 1st waterproof cannabis shoes

Online and/ or physical store:  Online. 

Launching on Kickstarter on the 21st of May 2019. For now you can sign up here:

Product production:   Portugal

Website:   Our website is but we are redirecting everyone to our landing page here:

Instagram: WearDopeKicks

Telephone number with country code: +351918180112

Email address:

Why did you start the business?  

Want to drive change. Create better products that fit the vegan values. We also love hemp and we believe it is a super material with a lot of applications in the future. We wanted to do something with it.

What keeps you motivated?   

To be honest being an entrepreneur is my thing. I just love it. It is fun to create stuff. Besides, it is just amazing to see everyone loving what we are doing. That is just priceless. People want to help us succeed and that makes us work even harder.

What are your future plans?  

We want to grow DopeKicks and show everyone there is a better, green way to do things. So the plan is to grow the brand, grow the product. Potentially launching more stuff in the future, but we need to make sure it fills all the boxes, and that takes a lot of time.

What is your message?   

DopeKicks are the 1st waterproof cannabis shoes. They are made from vegan and recycled materials and they are designed for the outdoors, for the city and for everything in between.

Be active in Style!

Waterproof and easy to clean!

Unisex Design

Kickstarter video 

Do you have any other discount codes for the reader?   

Currently no. Kickstarter does not have that feature. But people who signup on the landing page will receive special offers including special early access for when we launch on kickstarter. First 1000 backers get DopeKicks for 89$:

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