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Name of your business: K.M.Foods

Store-type? Online and markets

Location and delivery: Office located Brisbane but shop is international

Website: kmfoods.com.au

Telephone number with country code: +61413496399 (Australia)

Email address: sale@kmfoods.com.au

What do you offer? At the moment Vegan Jerky but working on other vegan alternatives.

Meet Sue, the founder of K.M.Foods

Where do you produce? 

Vegan factory in Taiwan, but Australian company.

Why did you start the business? 

To provide more vegan alternatives as the market was lacking.

What keeps you motivated? 

The excitement of producing more products that people enjoy that are helping to save the animals, the environment and people’s health.

What are your future plans? 

To keep developing new vegan meat and dairy alternatives for the growing Vegan market.

What is your message? 

“It’s What’s inside that counts.” Our products have to be nutritious as well as tasting good.

Vegan Jerky Snacks
Plant based protein nutritional snack without the Trans-fats, Made with Real spices.

Eating a balanced protein diet has numerous health benefits.
  • Help stabilize blood sugar levels
  • Improve concentration and learning
  • Boost energy levels
  • Support muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones

No Nitrates. No Preservatives. Eco Friendly.
Protein has shown to improve performance in both endurance and resistive exercise.

Do you have any offers? 

When we attend markets we have a discount for customers buying 4 or more products.

Find K.M. Foods on Sunday markets and events (Queensland/Australia)

Brisbane and Sunshine coast Vegan markets
The high vibe collective market at Sandgate
Orion market at Springfield Central
Byron Bay market once a month
The Sea Shepherd family day
Brisbane Vegan Expo
Eco Expo in Brisbane
Sample Food Festival at Bangalow. 

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