The Eco Warrior

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Name of your business: The Eco Warrior

Location: Based in Adelaide, Australia but ship worldwide with carbon neutral delivery.

Physical store location/s: None. We operate online, although do offer local pickup at our office in North Adelaide.


Facebook: The Eco Warrior

Telephone number with country code: +61 8 7123 2988 (Australia)

Email address:

What do you offer? 

An online hub where you can find inspiration and purchase easy alternatives to reduce your waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle e.g. Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, On the go, easy swaps

Meet Danielle, the founder of The Eco Warrior

Why did you start the business?

I founded this business after many years of searching for what I was passionate about. I have always had a love for animals and nature but never saw how I could realistically have time to make a difference let alone make it something I am able to do for work every day.
The time I spent as a fashion buyer really opened my eyes to the world of waste and consumerism. Visiting supplier factories overseas and retail stores and shopping centres around the world gave me an overall understanding of the lifecycle of a single product and it began to make me wonder if it was right.
The once shiny lights and excitement of the retail world didn’t appeal to me anymore.  It was a very confusing time as the only thing I had ever known was the retail industry. I was even nominated as a finalist in the Young Retailer of the Year Awards but that same year I decided to quit retail for good.
The next few years were a blur of highs and lows, travel, failed start-ups and working with my partner in his IT business. It wasn’t until Plastic Free July 2018 came around that I realised I could use my skills I had developed in the retail and tech industry to actually be able to help the environment and raise awareness for a low waste lifestyle. 
I heard about Plastic Free July last year and struggled to find a one stop shop for all my daily needs to complete this challenge, so I decided to create one myself!

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing that I am inspiring so many people to make small changes to help the environment.

What are your future plans?

Our future plans are to lead change, and to motivate and inform individuals to take a step towards the greener lifestyle. We hope that our business’ message will accelerate a massive transformation in our environment, both land and sea, and in people’s mindsets.

What is your message?

To spread awareness about the eco-friendly and plastic-free lifestyle, and to inspire others to take action or take small steps to make a difference to our planet.

Do you have a discount code for the reader? 

Yes, 10% off when you choose to order the items you need regularly on subscription.

To help others with Plastic Free July, we recently created Eco Starter Packs. We currently have 7 different packs all made and tailored for different purposes – The Basics, Farmers Market, On-the-go, Bathroom, Laundry, Kitchen and Cleaning. In addition, every order that gets sent out through us uses waste-free packaging and carbon-offsetting.


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