Sans Beast

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Name of your business: Sans Beast

Purchase options: Online plus stockists

Location: We are Melbourne, Australia based, we ship internationally, and we’re stocked in a selection of Australian retailers + Canadian website

Physical store location/s: Stockists as listed on our website plus our studio has a small showroom, and people often visit us to try on / purchase


Telephone number: We don’t have a landline – in Australia its 1300 50 1970

Email address:

Instagram: sans.beast

What do you offer? We design + create non leather bags + wallets

Meet Cathryn, the founder of Sans Beast

When did you start the business? 

Incorporated in May 2017 + launched to market in March 2018. 

Why did you start your brand and what keeps you motivated? 

Building something from nothing, working to change the attitude to animal based fashion + raise awareness for the sentience of animals + the exploitation that exists daily for millions of our fellow earth dwellers, keeping my mind + my body active – and overall, an ongoing focus on continuous improvement.

What are your future plans? 

Creating an immersive retail space, adding a couple of new categories, and building a happy + driven team.

What is your message? 

Style without animal exploitation.

Do you have any discount codes for the reader?

We offer 10% off the first full priced purchase over AU$100 when you sign up to our mailing list plus a great Midyear Sale is going on until stock lasts!

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