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 Meet Thomas, the founder of VeggieHotels®

Why did you start the business?

At the beginning there was a vested interest. My wife Karen and I have been vegetarians for decades and became vegan some years ago. As travel journalists we were always out and about.
However, it was often difficult and generally took a lot of effort to find purely vegetarian hotels and guest houses. Since at that time there was no extensive collection of vegetarian accommodation, we saw it as a challenge to create a reliable list of worldwide hotels, B&Bs and guest houses who specialised in vegetarian and vegan cuisine on one platform. Together with the IT expert Peter Haunert we then launched VeggieHotels®in 2011.
From about a 100 locations in the beginning, the portal has now grown to over 500 venues in 66 countries.
Every day VeggieHotels® venues prove that meat free and purely herbal meals in no way mean a waiver from good taste. Vegan cuisine especially, has become one of the most innovative trends in professional hotel and restaurant kitchens worldwide.

In addition, many of the 100% vegetarian / vegan-run hotels offer their guests further special nutritional options such as raw vegetables, lactose or gluten-free food, etc.

Whether one is looking for a city visit, farm holiday, hiking or beach holiday – a suitable place can be found on

Hotel Fivelements

Vegan cuisine at Fivelements

Vegan cuisine at Biotique Hotel LA VIMEA

What keeps you motivated?

More and more people are choosing the health related, ecological and ethical advantages of a vegetarian or vegan life style.
It is simply a matter of adding one and one together. If you consciously reflect upon information about the ecological, ethical and health impact that food has, including the very negative results of industrial meat production, you come to a point where you have to make a choice. It is very obvious that more and more people are taking the step and deciding that they no longer want to be a part of a cruel, unhealthy and ecologically destructive industry and devote themselves to a purely vegetarian and vegan kitchen. 

Hotel Parkschlösschen

Hotel Mani Sonnenlink 

What are your future plans?

VeggieHotels® has firmly established itself now as an international brand in the hotel industry landscape. The continued growth of the VeggieHotels website shows that in a few years, the niche product "Vegetarian-Vegan" has become a stable trend in the hotel business. We are continuously improving the search function of in order to make it easy to find the perfect hotel for the next dream vacation.

Also we have started a new project to promote vegan-friendly hotels that are not yet purely vegetarian or vegan, but accommodate their vegan-minded guests by including high-quality vegan dishes in their menus. VeganWelcome offers a platform to those hotels that made vegan options an integral part of their kitchen and serves as a great help for travelers to find accommodation suited for their diet.

Today presents a hand-picked selection of vegan-friendly hotels which offer delicious plant-based dishes to their guests.

Easy Vegan Gluten- free 'Tuna' wrap YouTube recipe video


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