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Name of your business: Dolce Organico

Store Type? Online + at selected stockists (see website)

Delivery: Australia Wide

Facebook: dolceorganico

Instagram: dolceorganico

Telephone number: +0402996143 (Australia)

Email address:

What do you offer?

Dolce Organico currently specialises in Organic Vegan Meringues. There are 5 core flavours; vanilla, hazelnut, coffee, bubblegum and raspberry, that come in two sizes (large & small), currently there are 2 'special flavours', Pink Champagne and Bake-A-Wish Unicorn.

All of the ingredients in our meringues are cruelty-free and sourced naturally. Our meringues contain no artificial colours + our colourings are sourced from organic superfoods such as; Blue Spirulina, Pink Pitaya, Black Goji Berry and Cacao.

Where possible our flavourings are naturally derived from their original source. It's important to us that each ingredient is ethically sourced.

Meet Diane, the founder of Dolce Organico

Where do you produce? Gold Coast, Australia

Why did you start the business?

Dolce Organico was founded by Nutritionist and food enthusiast, Dianne in 2017. Dianne has a passion for creating food that is wholesome and inclusive for all dietary types. She found that finding 'guilt-free' treats that were allergy friendly and not full of 'nasties' was really hard for her clients so she decided to try some recipes out herself.       

As a nutritionist, Dianne wasn't sure about starting another brand but her clients (and family and friends and neighbours and pretty much everyone) kept raving about her meringues. So in November 2017 she finally made the plunge and launched Dolce Organico!

What keeps you motivated?

Dianne draws inspiration from foodies such as Jamie Oliver, Sarah Wilson & Lola Berry. Each of these amazing foodies are trying to change the way we look at eating healthy, real food and make cooking (and eating right) 'sexy' again. One of the biggest hurdles that Dianne had to overcome is the perception that organic and vegan food is bland or tasteless and not as good as the 'real thing'. It’s Dianne’s passion for inclusive, healthy eating is what drives her motivation to keep growing Dolce Organico.

What are your future plans?

Dianne would really love Dolce Organico to become a go-to food for people with and without allergies to make eating and sharing more inclusive for everyone.
She would also like to keep adding new flavours and, down the track, new products to the Dolce Organico line and eventually use the brand as a platform to help educate others on how eating real foods doesn't have to be boring.

What is your message?

Dolce Organico is all about cruelty free, guilt free living.

Vegan Meringues
gluten-free - organic - low sugar

Do you have any discount codes for the reader?

Save 10% - SWEETTREAT10

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