Easy Vegan Cheesy Sauce (gluten free, oil free, quick, B12)

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The last 3 weeks I spoiled you all with delicious vegan party or evening snack ideas like Easy Vegan Lentil Pockets, Easy Vegan Stuffed Mushrooms and Easy Vegan Broccoli Fritters so I decided to show you a delicious cheesy creamy dip! This one goes especially well with the Easy Vegan Lentil Pockets and the Easy Vegan Broccoli Fritters.
This sauce can be enjoyed as a cold dip, which you can easily and fast prepare in advance or you can use it as a hot cheesy sauce in pasta a la alfredo style or as cold sauce with zoodles. It is also a great topping on bread or in a sandwich. There are plenty of options to use this delicious creamy cheesy sauce!

Easy Vegan Cheesy Sauce is:

Gluten free
Hot and cold
Oil free
Easy and fast to prepare
High in protein
and delicious!

Let’s go cooking!

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Makes a medium size bowl of sauce:

Fresh Ingredients:
2 Tbsp. fresh lime or lemon juice

¾ cup of cashews, soaked
½ cup soy milk
1 Tbsp. Dijon mustard (mild)
2 Tbsp. almond flour/ meal
½ cup nutritional yeast
1 garlic clove

¼ Tsp. black pepper
¼ Tsp. Himalayan salt (¼ Tsp. extra if you like it more salty)

How to do:

·         Measure the cashews and cover them with filtered water. Soak for 1-2 hours and drain the water
·         Add all ingredients into a food processor/ blender/ mixer and mix till well and homogen blended, use a spatula in between to scrape down the sides and blend again
·         Leave the sauce to thicken for 5-10 minutes as the nutritional yeast soaks up a lot of liquid
·         Add more soy milk if a more liquid sauce is desired. Add more nutritional yeast if a thicker sauce is desired.

Easy Vegan Broccoli Fritters with cheesy sauce 

This vegan cheesy sauce is a great change to hummus to dip your veggie sticks into

Extra Tip:
For alfredo style pasta cook your spaghetti according to package instructions. Fry up some mushrooms, add the spaghetti and cheesy sauce, mix properly and enjoy!


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