Melior Handbags (vegan and eco-friendly handbags)

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Name of your business: Melior Handbags

How did you start? We started out as a Kickstarter Campaign that lasted 28 days and ended in July 2019, with 191% of our goal reached! Our online store will launch on October 1, 2019 at

Delivery range: International

Facebook: @meliorhandbags

Instagram: @meliorhandbags

What do you offer? Vegan, eco-friendly, leather-alternative made from pineapple leaves, handbags, fashion accessories

Meet DeLaney, the founder of Melior Handbags

Where do you produce?

We are extremely conscious of having ethical manufacturing. Our bags are handmade in Porto, Portugal.

Why did you start the business?

I was shifting my life to be more eco-friendly. When I discovered that almost all vegan handbags were made from PVC and PU plastics, I was shocked. It made no sense to me. So I spent months researching a solution. Pińatex was the answer. Melior was created to fight against the lethal effects that the leather industry and plastic production has on our planet. We happen to specialize in handbags.

What keeps you motivated?

Reading about the leather industry and all that it is doing to pollute the planet definitely fires me up. Burn-out and fear of failure are overcome by all of the overwhelmingly positive feedback I get from our first buyer on Kickstarter.

The Pinya Bag in color 'Forge'

What are your future plans?  

Our online shop will launch on October 1, 2019. We plan to sell our handbags internationally through our online shop. I also have meetings with small boutique owners whose values align with ours. I hope to have our handbags sold through these boutiques as well. Our main goal is to grow a community of women who all believe that the environment can be saved. And they take action by carrying Melior.

What is your message?

Melior gives women with polished and professional style eco-friendly shopping options. We do that by making functional and fashionable handbags from eco-friendly materials only. We understand that a handbag is something a woman carries daily. It is a commitment. With Melior, you are making a commitment to function and durability. Our first bag, The Pinya Bag, comes in two color combinations and can be worn as a backpack, a cross body, or a top-handle bag. With Melior, you are making a commitment to the environment. The exterior is made from a leather alternative that comes from the fibers in the leaves of pineapple plants! We are very excited to grow our collection and challenge the status quo by only using sustainable materials. The interior is made from a fabric woven with 100% collected and recycled plastics. All of our metal hardware is custom made in Porto, Portugal. And finally, you are making a commitment to people. Our bags are handmade in Porto, Portugal. Not in a sweatshop, but in a studio. Not by workers, but by craftsmen. Melior is latin meaning “to better”. Melior and those who carry Melior are committed to bettering the handbag industry and its impact on the environment.

The Pinya Bag in color 'Blacksmith'


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