The Plant Code

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Name of your business: The Plant Code Podcast

Location: I travel the world to record episodes

Facebook: The Plant Code 

Instagram: @theplantcode

Email address:

What do you do? A weekly podcast episode about veganism, environmentalism and beyond 

Meet Max and Erik from The Plant Code

Why did you start the business? 

To provide in depth answers to questions about vegans and normalise veganism by recording episodes with vegans of all backgrounds and professions 

What keeps you motivated? 

The feedback from the vegan and non vegan listeners! Do give us your feedback on Instagram @theplantcode

What are your future plans? 

To keep growing the podcast and it’s audience, I hope to keep the podcast going for years and help many more people go vegan

What is your message? 

To make veganism accessible and understandable to everyone

Do you have any discount codes for the reader? 

10% off all meal plans at Plant Power in Dubai using discount code PLANTCODE.

40% off all purchases at they make vegan leather replacement products from cork using discount code theplantcode


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