The Vegan Fit Collective

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Name of your business: The Vegan Fit Collective

Online and/ or physical store? Online

What do you offer/ business categories? 

Online Health and Fitness Coaching. My main program offered is the 12 Week Plant-based Transformation Program. I have other longer term options for those that require a different approach.

Location: International, based in Canada

How to reach you? 

The website I have is only accessible by clients for them to login to access their coaching materials. All of my promotions/marketing are via Facebook and Instagram

Telephone number: +1 613 614 0197

Meet Ryan, the founder of The Vegan Fit Collective

Why did you start the business?

I started The Vegan Fit Collective because I am passionate about helping dedicated individuals work towards achieving their health and fitness goals. Transforming peoples’ lives and allowing them to become the most amazing version of themselves is extremely gratifying and rewarding. Every person deserves to look and feel their best and I love having the opportunity to guide them along their journey to be successful, for life.

What keeps you motivated?

Knowing that every person I coach will improve their life, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. It’s a driving factor in my willingness to success and grow

What are your future plans?

To grow my business, bringing on additional coaches and team members so we can work together using my coaching approach to reach out to more people - changing more lives

What is your message?

Recognizing you’re ready to make changes to your health and fitness is the first step. Figuring out what to do to guarantee your lifetime success is daunting, especially with endless amounts of information on the internet. Staying motivated and keeping on track only makes things more difficult. At The Vegan Fit Collective, we are dedicated to working with you to ensure you have all of the tools your body needs to reach and maintain your health and fitness goals for life. The Vegan Fit Collective focuses on: fat/weight loss through nutrition and exercise planning, mindset coaching to help you build a new powerful and confident foundation for your body and your health, and regular 1-on-1 and group coaching calls to hold you accountable while making you a part of a Community.

Sign up procedure:

All of my students are accepted into my program after completing an application and 2 interview calls. I’ve created this process so that I can determine if I am able to help you and how I am able to help you. It also lets me know how determined you are to change your life. I am absolutely willing to offer a discount to Lara’s Vegan Kitchen readers which can be discussed with you during the offer to join the program. 


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