SSS Foods Hommus (preservative free Australian hommus)

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Name of your business:  SSS Foods Hommus

What do you offer/ business categories?

SSS Foods has been offering a preservative free, vegan, gluten free, vinegar free and oil free hommus for over 20 years. We are keen to help all people of all walks of life access our products.

Where to buy it?

SSS Foods Hommus products are sold through retailers – Currently only at Woolworths across NSW and VIC via their physical and online stores. But always open to expand.

Location: We are a Sydney based manufacturer.

Facebook: @sssfoodshommus

Instagram: @sssfoods

Telephone number with country code: 02-9684-4606 (Sydney)

Email address:

Meet the team of SSS FoodsHommus

Where do you produce?

We produce at our factory in Rydalmere NSW 2116.

Why did you start the business?

We bought the business from 2 brothers who headed into retirement. They had taken the business as far as they could go and needed to tell the world what they had created!
The business remains a small Australian family owned business that supports other small businesses from Australia.

What keeps you motivated?

We are a group of natural entrepreneurs and hence always motivated and resilient. Our family mottos are always “remain resilient” and “the measure of a person is how quickly they can get back up”.

What are your future plans?

Our plans center on expanding the number of dip products available to the masses throughout Australia and then expanding into New Zealand.
We would also like to add complementary products to our range such as falafel, crackers and cheeses to the SSS Foods Hommus range.
We would also like to create additional products using the by-product (called aquafaba) from chickpea production which helps towards our sustainability plans.

What is your message?

Our message at SSS Foods Hommus is very simple: We make preservative free, vegan, gluten free, vinegar free and oil free dips that everyone can eat.


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